Friday, 7 September 2012

Models Own!

Just like this time last year, Models Own are running a promotion, and if they get to 100,000 likes on Facebook, they'll hold a 50% off sale! Models Own polishes are great; they apply beautifully, are long lasting and an absolute bargain at a mere £5 each (Just £2.50 in the sale if they reach 100,000 likes - even better!) They also have a massive range of colours. I own about 20 Models Own polishes at the moment, and I have probably another 20 on my wishlist, so I'm really hoping they reach their goal of 100,000 on Facebook.

If you want to help Models Own reach their target, you can do so by clicking here and liking their page.

Apologies for not posting recently. Life has, once again, taken over and I've not had time. I do have a couple of polishes coming in the mail that I'm really quite excited about, so once they've arrived I shall post about them. I also managed to get my hands on a Spectraflair topcoat which is just amazing. I'm wearing Zoya Tao with the Spectraflair topcoat over it at the moment, and it looks amazing. I'll try and remember to get a photo tomorrow and pop it up here. You can expect a lot of holographic manicures now ;)

Hope all is good with you all, my lovely readers. I hope to get back into the swing of blogging soon!

xox Kat

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